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Spartan Games announces new Spartan Scenics line

Spartan has announced a new terrain line they're coming out with called Spartan Scenics. The first kits are available for pre-order.

From the announcement:

Spartan Games is very excited to announce a brand new product range: Spartan Scenics. Unlike our other ranges, Scenics is not a game - it’s a range of beautifully detailed, easily assembled and affordable modular terrain designed to make it easier to build better battlefields – no matter what gaming system you’re playing.

Scenic products aren’t designed specifically for use with Spartan Games products; they can be used with a wide range of games and are designed to maximise your gaming experience. Manufactured from high quality laser-cut HDF and acrylic, and supported by detailed resin accessories, Scenics provides incredibly flexible terrain sets that can be quickly and easily arranged in hundreds of configurations thanks to the modular design, allowing gamers to fully maximise their gaming space.

Components simply slide together with a high degree of modularity which also allows for upward construction, giving gamers the ability to build a truly 3D gaming experience. We have worked hard to mix great looks with simple assembly, meaning that the terrain can be built in a short period of time without any need for complex modelling and assembly.

Spartan Scenics will be shipping to our sales partners from June 26th and I’m sending you this email and one other with all the details. Across this email and the following 3 you will find 4 PDFs containing lots of details including an overview of the system and showing you some images of the products on the battlefield. With the 5th email you’ll find JPG images of each product and the retail pricing.

Don't forget that Spartan Games has a press review discount scheme that enables you to purchase models for review purposes at 40% discount off the GBP or USD retail price following launch. If you’d like to take advantage of this please let me know.

Kind regards