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Spartan Games Announces Halo Fleet Battles Launch Date

Spartan Games was extremely happy to be able to work on the Halo franchise of games. They've been secretly working on it for some time, going back and forth with Microsoft and 343 Industries, making sure everything was juuuuust right. They are, after all, bringing things from the Halo universe to life that had only been glimpsed at and speculated upon for some time. Well, the time has finally come to announce the date for when these fleets of ships will be able to make their way to your tabletop.

The first product shipping will be their Halo: Fleet Battles, The Fall of Reach box set. This box will contain a full-color rulebook, the Fall of Reach campaign guide, 49 plastic ship models, 30 custom dice, various Fleet Commander Data Sheets, flight stands and overlay cards, punch-out card scenery and tokens, and a Quick Reference Guide sheet.

Expect to see the box at your game shops on July 20th.