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Spartan Games announced Dystopian Legions

Spartan Games announces their new Dystopian Legions game. You saw some of the pics from our GenCon coverage. Here's the press release.

From the update:

At Gencon – the world’s largest gaming convention in Indianapolis, USA – Spartan Games today revealed that we will be launching a new game in October this year which will be called Dystopian Legions.

Dystopian Legions is a 28mm ground combat game set in the Dystopian Wars world using infantry and battle vehicles. I attach a preview document that explains more and gives you an idea of the type and quality of the miniatures used in the game. The full launch details will follow in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to be moving into infantry combat and building on the success we’ve had with the steampunk genre through Dystopian Wars. I hope you’ll like what you see and I look forward to sharing more with you in the near future.