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Spartan Fantasy Football Team Up On Indiegogo

The football season continues on. And as we learned yesterday from Mantic, the Rugby season is on as well. Want to bring some of that action to your tabletop? Well, there's several fantasy sports games you can play. And now, if you want to bring a Spartan team to the table, you can join in on the Txarli Miniatures Indiegogo campaign to create one.

Just look at those abs!
Their profession might be going "Aooo! Aooo! Aooo!" but they also like to throw the ol' pigskin around as well. The team includes four different sculpts for linemen, two for throwers, four for blitzers, four for catchers, two werewolves, and one "big guy." They even have a special ring you can get for joining in on the campaign.

The campaign is 64% funded and still has 41 days left on the clock.