Spartan announce Firestorm: Armada terrain

Spartan Games have posted details of a range of terrain for their Firestorm: Armada sci-fi game.

Weapon Satellites

From their announcement:

We have created three packs of highly detailed models that you can use to make your Firestorm Armada gaming table even more lethal:
FAMI01 Military Buildings
This pack contains a large number of resin military buildings and accessories. The contents will easily make the base you can see pictured on our web site (see the link below) plus much more! The models were designed to give a player weapon systems, engines, bio-domes, access buildings, communication sensor arrays, storage buildings, power plants so on. Pack contents may vary in the exact quantity of some components.

FAMI02 Weapon Satellites
This pack comes with four models. Two of the military satellites are armed with cannon/laser arrays and two are armed with torpedo tubes. You can use them to defend a military installation, such as one built using the parts you can find in FAMI01, or to simply act as a defensive perimeter on a gaming table. Four acrylic flight stands are included. The models are a mix of resin and pewter.
FAMI03 Point Defence (PD) & Communication Satellites
To be used on its own or in conjunction with FAMI01 & FAMI02, this pack of models gives you four PD satellites and two Communication satellites. As with FAMI02 you can use the contents to defend a military installation, insert into an asteroid belt to hinder spacecraft, or use as objectives during a scenario. Six acrylic flight stands are included. The models are made from pewter.
Head off to to check out images of this scenery. They will be in our online store in the next few days, ready to start shipping to mail order customers from 25th August, and will also be in store by that date.