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Space Riders Retro Sci-Fi Minis Up On Kickstarter

Many of us have been gaming for quite some time and as we go along, we sometimes get pangs for some "old school"-looking miniatures. I originally started playing miniatures games with Warhammer 40k, Second Edition. My friend and I split a starter box. He got the Marines. I got the Orks. Originally, I used them as proxies for Tyranids. But eventually, all that fell aside and I stuck it out with the Orks. I very quickly grew to love just how silly they were and how unique their sculpts were. Space Riders brings a lot of that feeling, but gives it some updating as well. They're up on Kickstarter and looking for some funding love.

The Minis

The Space Riders minis are all being hand-sculpted. You'll find none of that fancy Z-Brush stuff here! The whole idea is to evoke the feeling of the late 80s and early 90s tabletop minis, and I think they do a pretty good job. But more than just minis, with the campaign passing its funding goal and then some, Chris Nicholls, desinger of the Microcosm minis game, will be making rules specifically for the figures in this campaign.


The figures are split into 4 categories. There's the Orcs, of which there are 6 minis, including a boss in heavy armor. There's the Bounty Hunters, which include 1 fish man, 1 human cyber pirate, and Zoarxx (you can never have enough Zoarxx). Then there's the Big Monsters, which has a minotaur and a giant bug. Finally, there's the Really Big Guy, which is an even more-imposing minotaur model.

The campaign is closing in on 3x funded and still has 17 days to go.