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Space Opera's Alien Shocktrooper Squad up on Indiegogo

15mm Space Opera has an Indiegogo campaign up and running for their Alien Shocktrooper Squad. They're multi-part, 28mm minis depicting numerous species.


From the campaign:

This project is about the production of a multi-specist alien squad at 1:56 scale (28 mm). The miniatures will be cast in metal.

Each alien will have two different heads. Most of them have separate arms and a couple of them have separate legs too. Since the torsoes are the same for most of the squad, you will probably be able to make some combos we haven't thought of.

The guns have been made via computer by the excellent and very cool John Bear Ross (or JBR) and the troopers with putty by Pierre-François Jacquet (or PF).