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Space Base Dice Game Now Available From AEG

Man, I wish I could go out into space. You know, head to distant planets. Take control of huge space stations. Build fleets of ships to help get and trade resources. That kind of thing. Sadly, at the moment, you can only get to space if you're an astronaut or ridiculously wealthy. Being neither of those things, if I want to do all that stuff listed at the top, I'll just have to live vicariously through Space Base, a new dice game available now from AEG.

About the game:

An intergalactic dice game of fleet management for 2-5 Space Base Commodores

As the commodore of a Space Base, your job is to draft new ships into your fleet to work and patrol the 12 sectors under your watch. Use cargo vessels, mining ships, and deploy carriers to earn profits and expand your influence. Only one Space Base commodore will be promoted to U.E.S. Admiral of the Fleet!

Space Base is a dice game where players draft ships into their Space Base. Every turn, no matter whose turn, players harvest rewards from their Space Base, whether those rewards are an increase in your baseline income, credits for the next turn, influence or some other powerful effect that will lead you to victory. Space Base has you involved and engaged on every player’s turn, from the first roll of the dice to the last!

Dice Game where players build their own chart of rewards
Fantastic Artwork by Chris Walton set in a hopeful and humorous world
Easily taught with rich depth of play
All players engaged on every turn and every roll of the dice!