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Space 1889: Marvels of Mars book and Ubiquity Dice Set Available From Modiphius

Though Mars is dry and dusty now, it is still full of various forms of life. At least, in Space 1889 it is. The jury is still out if there's any life on it in the real world. But anyway, you can't really travel there now, but you can in the game, so let's just focus on that. Modiphius has released two new items for the game. First is the Marvels of Mars book, which contains information and stats about all manner of wondrous creatures inhabiting the world. The other is the Ubiquity Dice Set, because you can always use more dice.

From the announcement:

Today we're really pleased to be able to bring you two new releases from our Space: 1889 roleplaying game, a wonder of steampunk Victoriana, and they are: a new Marvels of Mars supplement in both print and PDF, and the Ubiquity Dice Set featuring nine dice for use in any Ubiquity game.

Marvels of Mars is an 81 page full colour book which contains two different supplements for bold new adventures on the red planet, using the Ubiquity version of the Space:1889 roleplaying game.

Mars-a dying planet, still far from dead!
In the vast steppes, in the sand of equatorial deserts, on the mountain tops, at the icy poles, in the massive artificial canals and in the ancient sewers of Martian cities, underneath the dry dust of Mars' surface, and in the wide open of the cloudless skies: the Martian flora and fauna thrive everywhere and have managed to adapt to even the most unfavourable of environments.
Expand the game's atmosphere by including herds of grazing eegars, a lens beetle lamp, or a tasty krolik dish with all six legs still attached. Confront your players with challenging combat encounters with a teshuwaan, a dust kraken, or even the legendary white ape. Alternatively, add some flavour to your game by having the adventurers participate in a gashant race or ambush them with a Deimos crawler-the deadliest weapon of the Worm Cult. This sourcebook contains descriptions and stats for more than sixty Creatures of Mars, for every purpose imaginable!

Ubiquity Dice Set
This set includes 9 eight-sided dice for use with any roleplaying game that uses the Ubiquity rules. There are three different colours and each colour features three times in the set.

The bronze dice count as one die, while the silver dice count as two dice and the golden dice count as three dice when playing any Ubiquity game.

We hope you enjoy these brand new Space 1889 adventures and accessories and look out for more coming from Modiphius soon, including the long awaited reprint of the Space: 1889 core rulebook!

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