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Soviet T-70 Light Tank Available For Bolt Action From Warlord Games

Not every tank has to be bigger and stronger than the last. There's plenty of tactical room for a smaller, lighter, faster, and more maneuverable tracked vehicle. So, while the Russians might be generally known for looking to build the biggest version of many battlefield weapons, the T-70 tank heads in the other direction. It's also now available from Warlord Games for your Bolt Action armies.

The T-70 was created to replace two different vehicles: the T-60 Scout Tank and the T-50 Light Infantry Tank. This meant that the T-70 was expected to carry out both reconnaissance missions as well as act as close-support for groups of infantry. To do this, it was armed with both a 45-mm L/46 gun Model 38 and a coaxial 7.62-mm DT machine gun. In Bolt Action, it's good for moving up a flank, aided by a small unit to take and hold various objectives.

You can pick up your resin T-70 kits now.