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Sovereign Games Announces Free Tabletop Game: Army Dudes

Sovereign Games will soon release their new, free tabletop minis game: Army Dudes. Bust out your old little, green army men and get playing!

From the announcement:

Board game design company Sovereign Games, LLC will release a free tabletop game, Army Dudes, on November 26, 2012. The game is designed to be played with the classic green army figures, and puts the players in control of action movie-like squads filled with characters like “Brick,” “Sarge,” and “Hotshot.”

“We’ve been wanting to release a small-sides tactics game for a long time,” said Army Dudes designer Drake Sherwood. “The game is designed to be easy to learn and easy to play, but still offer a lot of tactical depth and decision-making. We wanted this to be a fun, playful experience with lots of replay value.”

Sovereign Games’ second release, Army Dudes will be published as a pdf ruleset available for free download. It will also be released under a creative commons license. That means anyone can share or remix the game for noncommercial purposes, provided they properly attribute to Sovereign Games.

“We are making the game available absolutely free,” said Sherwood. “Players will have to stop by a dollar store or toy store to pick up some green army figures, and make use of whatever they have for terrain.” He said the game will have a nostalgic aspect for many players. “I think the experience will remind a lot of players of games they made up as children -- except your friend can’t change the rules on you.”