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Sov Judge Invasion Force available now from Mongoose Publishing

Mongoose Publishing has some more releases for the Judge Dredd Minis Game with their Sov Judge Invasion Force.

From the announcement:

The Sov Invasion force, complete with Satellats and Sentenoids is now available for mail order!

After years of meticulous planning, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East Meg One launched the Apocalypse War against Mega-City One. Through the use of nukes, the Apocalypse Shield and a full scale invasion under Warmarshal Kazan, Mega-City One was subjugated quickly, with half of its 800 million citizens killed. Through the heroic actions of a handful of judges, Mega-City One was able to finally win the war, destroying East Meg One in the process. However, there are many in East Meg Two who plan revenge against the west…

A Sov Judge Invasion Force is designed to eradicate all resistance in Mega-City One. With well-equipped and well-trained judges, not to mention the dreaded Sentenoids, it is very much an ‘elite’ force.

This set contains a complete starter set for the Judge Dredd miniatures game and includes, three Sov Judges, a Senior Sov Judge, a Sov Officer, a Satellat and a Sentenoid.