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Southwest Dust Day is this weekend

Southwest Dust Day is tomorrow and Saturday. Will you be there?

From the announcement:

Final reminder to fans of Paolo Parente's Dust, that this weekend is Southwest Dust Day 2013. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to visit with the creator of Dust. That's right, Paolo Parente himself is the Guest of Honor. Several other Dust Dignitaries will join us via Skype, including Olivier Zamfirescu, Andy Chambers, and Mack Martin. Friday night is Free Play and meet and greet Paolo Parente. Saturday is a full day of Tournament Action with simultaneous Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare Tournaments. Never played before - want to learn - we'll also be running Dust Demos all day Saturday. Not into the game, but love the world? Then join us for our amazing Dust Cosplayers. A miniatures painting competition, freebies, prizes, charity raffles (including a painted army by Viet Nguyen), and a whole lot of trash talkin' round out the event. Be there or be jealous!