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SoulJar reaches funding goal for Dice Crawl Kickstarter

SoulJar has made it to their funding goal over in their Dice Crawl Kickstarter campaign. So it's stretch goals for the next 10 days.


From the campaign:

1 - Dice Crawl will now be available in 1-4 players. When funded we will be adding rules for solo-play.

2 - We will be adding a 24"x24" Gripmat with Dice Crawl graphics. This will be an add-on for any backer. Watch this space for details on that.

3 - We are going to add TWO additional classes for all backers. These will be exclusive to this Kickstarter ONLY and we want YOU to tell us what classes you would like to see! Share your thoughts in the comments thread below!

4 - I am looking into the feasibility of unlocking TWO expansions in one go. This will require that it is funded privately (I'd foot the printing costs for it), but we want you guys and gals to get maximum enjoyment and value from this Kickstarter and game, so we'll be trying to make this happen for you.