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SoulJar previews more artwork for Awakened Villagers of Cairn playing cards set

SoulJar is showing off some more artwork for their Awakened Villagers of Cairn playing card set over on their Kickstarter campaign as well as gives us an update about the status of the campaign.


From the update:

My apologies for being quiet over the last few days. We have been investigating the possibility (i.e. costs) for making this gorgeous deck be Bicycle branded and the good news is that we can do it, and do it within our current budget. The bad news is that we figured this out a little late in the day and we're currently reworking the tuck-box accordingly. Of course, this takes time; there is a firm process and requirements to be met, but we are working feverishly to catch the tail end of this kickstarter.

The great news is that we had a huge influx of artwork from Jeff Laubenstein and colored pieces from Alberto Espinar. And - honestly - they are just too divine not to share. I was holding onto these to wait until they were dropped into place, but you know what I really need to show you these now =D