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SOTCW Journal issue 74 Released

SOTCW Journal issue #74 is available:

From their website:

Better late than never

In this issues packed 56 pages you will find -

SS Kampfgruppe Deak the wartime history of this Hungarian SS formation and three tabletop scenarios.
Aegean Breakpoint - Turks Vs Greeks in this modern ¡§what if¡¨ naval clash.
Clearing Ashar - Iraq, May 1941
West of Polanow - a scenario set in Poland 1939
Spearhead organisations for Poland during Fall Weiss
Battle of Ap Bac - Vietnam scenario for Force on Force rules
Recon Escort - Check you 6! Jet Age scenario
The Ben Cam Sweep - another Vietnam scenario for Force on Force
Merekula - a Soviet naval landing in February 1944
Plus - a 1970s Cold war what if game, history of the Womans Battalion of Death in the RCW, AAR and overview of the SOTCW participation game "Seige of the Peking Legations 1900¡¨ staged at Gauntlet back in July 2011, how to create a 1/600th scale Italian Vedette Boat (conversion notes) plus all the usual review columns.

I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.
-Richard Baber