SOTCW Journal 70 is out

Journal 70Issue 70 of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers Journal is out.

From their announcement:
Issue 70 has arrived in Wales and should be winging its way around the world.

This issue features articles and scenarios from no less than sixteen (16) authors. By popular demand David Redparth returns some more modern airwar scenarios (Iran-Iraq 1980 this time). Dale irwin brings us the second part of his fictional “Kutu Campaign”; Mark Bevis gives us an interesting way to generate random modern “what if” battles based on the World Cup….
As well as these you’ll get – a Spanish Civil War scenario, a detailed look at Operation Grief in the Ardennes 1944; a Normandy scenario, two Eastern Front scenarios, a modern skirmish game and another scenario set during the Rif War 😉

We also have a detailed orbat and TO&E for SS Sturmbrigade “Walloon”; details on the organisation and technical data for French Cavalry tanks 1940; how to run games by email and a couple of modelling articles too.
Plus you get all the usual review columns (though less than usual in this issue).

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue.

Please remember issue 70 is the last of the present sub. period and so get your cheques, money orders or Paypal payments off to mark Wheeler ASAP so you won’t miss out of further Journal goodness.