SOTCW Journal 69 is out

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers have released issue 69 of The Journal. From their announcement:
Mark Wheeler reports J69 is back from the printer and will be distributed over Easter. Brief contents for J69 - Martin Rapier gives as a tactical game based on Sinai in the Six Day War Huw R. Davies provides another excellent Indo-China scenario Paul Case describes hsi trip across Russia John Moher gives us an updated orbat for late-war British for Crossfire rules We have an interesting article on WW2 Soviet cavalry (mounted) units - includes a scenario Pershing's expedition against pancho Villa in Mexico 1916 - includes historical scenario layouts Three quite different pieces off Rob Morgan A Check Your 6! scenario, a micro scale Normandy scenario, two modern FFL in Africa scenarios, an anti partisan in italy game and a Eastern Front scenario There are a couple of other interesting articles too plus all the usual review columns. I`d like to thank all those who contributed to this issue. You`ll also find a re-sub form inside, please show your support for this editor and the society by promptly returning it to Mark with your cheques or re-subbing via the online Paypal shopping cart on the website -