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Sons of Ragnarok Add-On Added to The Others Kickstarter

Well, that didn't take long. The "soon to be unlocked stretch goals" from this morning are now "unlocked stretch goals." So all seven sins are now part of the main pledge for The Others. However, it's fighting against the sins that we're here to talk about right now. Namely, the Sons of Ragnarok are riding out to fight against the sins. They're a new box set of heroes you can add to your pledge.

The set, as you can see, has 7 heroes (broken up into 1 leader, 2 fixers, 2 snipers, and 2 bruisers). I particularly like Heimdall's beard, since it resembles mine. This is a biker gang with a heart of gold and ready to stand up to the seven deadly sins in order to make sure they can keep riding off into the sunset.

Just a little over 24 hours left in the campaign.