Song of Drums and Shakos to be part of Italian Wargame Championship

Ganesha Games' Song of Drums and Shakos will be used as part of the Italian Wargame Championship. From their announcement:
The 2009 Origins-Award winning Song of Drums & Shakos Napoleonic Skirmish Rules have been selected for the Italian Wargame Championship 2010. Several Tournaments are now being scheduled in Italy. One scenario-based tournament has been successfully organized in France (Pau) last year. Official rules for Tournament play are being tested this week. They will be available soon as a free pdf download on our website. Originally not designed for competitive play, SDS soon appeared to have all the requirements for tournaments: small playing space (90x90 cm for 25mm figures), small squads (8-20 pieces), 1 hour playing time, few terrain elements. For updates on this and all matters SDS, visit