Song of Drums and Shakos to be part of Italian Wargame Championship

By tgn_admin
In Napoleonic
Jan 27th, 2010

Ganesha Games‘ Song of Drums and Shakos will be used as part of the Italian Wargame Championship.

From their announcement:

The 2009 Origins-Award winning Song of Drums & Shakos Napoleonic Skirmish Rules have been selected for the Italian Wargame Championship 2010.

Several Tournaments are now being scheduled in Italy. One scenario-based tournament has been successfully organized in France (Pau) last year. Official rules for Tournament play are being tested this week. They will be available soon as a free pdf download on our website.

Originally not designed for competitive play, SDS soon appeared to have all the requirements for tournaments: small playing space (90×90 cm for 25mm figures), small squads (8-20 pieces), 1 hour playing time, few terrain elements.

For updates on this and all matters SDS, visit