Song of Blades game at SIBCON XV, Butler, PA Sept 17-19

There will be a Song of Blades and Heroes demo game held at SIBCON XV in Butler, PA on Sept 17th – 19th.

From their announcement:

We are running a Song of Blades and Heroes game on the Saturday night of our local convention. It’s about 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh, PA. Attendance is 200-300 people. A mix of role-play, live-action, and miniatures. Its called Sibcon, and its our 15th anniversary. Here is the info:

Right now we have a Warhammer Fantasy and a 40K tournament, The Sword an the Flame, Star Wars Miniatures, Warhammer Wild West, a bunch of Iron Ivan games, a 3D huge Space Hulk (this sucker was hand made all wooden and several feet long!!!), and a Song of Blades and Heroes game. We just got hooked on SOB, and this is our first time running it.

Our GM for this, Bill Hallam is a superb painter and is bringing killer terrain and minis to use! Here is the write up:

MN12 – Song of Blades & Heroes Fantasy Skirmish: Stand Your Ground (Bill Hallam)
Several races have formed an alliance to fend off a wicked creature and its minions in this 28mm fantasy skirmish game. These rules are quick, deadly and really fun. Lots of fun miniatures and monsters. Anyone can learn with minutes. All miniatures, dice, terrain & supplies will be provided by the GM. Rules will be taught and no experience needed.

PS – This is a fast and furious great game using fantasy figures…. you really need to try this!