Song Of Blades And Heroes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania tournament details

There will be a Song Of Blades And Heroes tournament held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at Legion Hobbies and Games.

From their announcement:

Here is info for a Song of Blades and Heroes event we are running.

Song of Blades & Heroes Tournament
Where: Legions Hobbies & Games Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania(Western) USA
When: Sunday May 22
11am registration; – Noon start time
$5 entry
300pts warbands, in 25-28mm scale
6 Rounds/30 minutes per round

No custom units. You may only use stock units and special rules from the following books: Song of Blades and Heroes, Gold and Darkness, Wind and Water, Deeds and Glory

This will be a modified Swiss-style tournament. You may register up to 3 warbands, and switch freely between rounds. All warbands must be registered prior to the tournament start.

You will get 1 raffle ticket for each game you play in, and 2 additional tickets for each game you win. The tournament prize will be raffled off at the end. The more tickets you get the better your chances of winning.

See for store info.