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Some Tuesday Snippets

We've got another set of those shorter news stories for you. It's time for another Snippets posts.

In this installment, we've got: A new Sulphur scenario from Terragnosis, New Round-lip Shaleground Bases from Tabletop-Art, New 32mm Bases from Dragon Forge Design, David Lowry from Club Fantasci talks about the "Board Game Messiah Complex", Shieldwolf Releases 2 Busts and Announces Kickstarter, New Dungeon Terrain Previews from MiniWorlds, Alternative Armies Previews Upcoming Von Rotte Crew, Kabuki Models Previews Alien Hunter, New knight marker kit from Mechanical Warhorse, New Previews from Siren Miniatures, Limana announces War of Wonders

New Scenario for Sulphur from Terragnosis


Terragnosis have added a new Sulphur scenario which is free to download from their website. Sulphur is a 32mm post-apocalyptic battle game set in an chaotic and devastated city - and it has just benefited from a recent and successful Kickstarter campaign.

Sulphur Storm is a deadly scenario that will challenge all players of Sulphur - so go and check out the website for your free download. And if you are new to Terragnosis check out their webstore to see what sort of miniatures they have available - there is really quite a lot! And lots more to come soon!!

New Round-lip Shaleground Bases from Tabletop-Art

Our Shaleground base set gets an update. There are now also available round lip formats: 30mm RL, 40mm RL, 50mm 1 RL, 50mm 2 RL, 50mm 3 RL, 120mm RL.

New 32mm Bevel-Edge Bases from Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design Now has six new 32 mm base sets in its inventory.

They are in the following base series,

Ancient Ruins
Broken Wastelands
Desert Wastelands
Ice World
Slate wasteland

They are now ready for order.

David Lowry Talks about the "Board Game Messiah Complex"


In a previous blog I addressed this issue to some extent so please let me do so again. So if you will indulge me as someone who has worked in PR for over 20 years let me give my two-cents on this subject in a few talking points.

New Busts and Kickstarter Announcement from Shieldwolf Miniatures

Shieldwolf Miniatures show off 2 new busts, the Northern Alliance Shieldmaiden and the Oak elf Warrioress. Whatsmore, the date of their Kickstarter has been announced, they launch on the 10th of February so make sure to mark that on your calendar!

New Dungeon Terrain Previews from MiniWorlds

The MiniWorlds has a new section "Work in Progress" where you can follow the new projects and the progress.
Every week new pictures!

Alternative Armies Previews Upcoming Von Rotte Crew

Von Rotte Preview

First look at the Von Rotte Artillery Crew that is coming in a couple of weeks for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. A set of excellent 28mm scale Dwarves and Pigs. Have a look and we are really happy with these as they follow up on the release of the Von Rotte Command Set this month.

Thanks for Reading.

Kabuki Models Previews Alien Hunter Renders

Hey guys!
We had a lot of WIP this week...and it's not over yet!

Check out this WIP for our Alien Hunter!

Scale: 30mm
Range: Stand Alone
Release Date: March
Material: Urethane resin

New knight marker kit from Mechanical Warhorse

Knight Shield Marker set allows a player to mark the position of their shields during play. Simply place a shield marker up against the base and constant question of shield position from you opponent is diminished. The set also includes a hull damage tracker to keep track of any damage on your model.
Shield markers come in green, blue and yellow.

New Previews From Siren Miniatures


While we heading to launch our online store, we would like to show you photos of the Owen's resin master.

Limana Announces War of Wonders

War of Wonders

With Limana Press, World War II gets a new, weird twist. The Italian game publisher launches the War of Wonders 30mm skirmish wargame, combining the historically iconic weapons, troops and vehicles with men and women called Meta-Humans, genetically modified by the Wunderkammern to acquire real superpowers. You can read more about them and have a look at the released concepts and 3D models on the official blog and Facebook page.

War of Wonders features an extensive and engaging background mixing in a unique way a solid historical setting with magic and advanced technologies. Each Meta-Human will be presented in deep detail, with a personal story and individual superpowers. The Meta-Humans concept art has been created by illustrator and comic artist Romina Moranelli (her CV includes the art for “Women of Marvel”); the 3D models have been created by Greebo Games.
Limana Press will run a crowdfunding campaign starting February 2015 to launch the game worldwide.
For more informations you can contact