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Some more WIPs for Deep Wars

AntiMatter Games put some more WIPs up. To add a bit of editorialization: that shark-bot looks awesome.

From the update:

The Sculptors are finishing things up for July. Here are a few that are rolling in.

First if the Fortune Hunter Scientist from the starter box, sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This one has a couple tweaks left in the position of the backpack but the sculpting is done. It turned out really nice and smooth and will look great painted.

Next we have the Fortune Hunter Recon Trooper, sculpted by Paolo Fabiani. This one has nice movement to show how the trooper jets around the map with his high-powered propulsion system.

Next is the Chariniform Light Assault Mech, scultped by Jonathan Winters. This shark mech prowls the deep for the Ancients of Atalan. There is some cleanup to be done on the head but the tail show a real nice sharpness.

Last, for now, is Sergio's fun little Cepahlid Scavengers, assistants to the Dark Mariners, scrounging ether tech, crystals and treasure. There will be one more of these guys added to the group so they can all go on a larger base.