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Some more Hordes and Warmachine Previews Posted

Privateer Press is just on a bit of a roll with their Hordes and Warmachine previews these days. They've got another trio of them up on their website today. One for Hordes and two for Warmachine. Spreading things around nicely, too. Don't want one game or faction to be getting too much of the love and leave the others feeling wanting.

The one for Hordes is the Farrow Brigand Warlord. These are Minion Unit Attachments. Going over to the Warmachine side of things, there's a pair of previews up. The first is Cognifex Cyphon, a Mercenary Cephalyx Warcaster. Hovering mind-death creature... check. The other is the Soul Trapper, a solo for Cryx who looks like he's about to go "bowling with souls." Looks like it's something that can grab souls and then ferry them back to other models that have soul cages.

That's what we've got for now.