Some changes on the site

By tgn_admin
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Jan 11th, 2011

So there have been a few changes on the TGN server in the past week or so. Nothing that you should notice but hopefully things that will make the site more stable and make it load quicker.

The site now does as much client-side caching as possible and also tries to gzip any files that it can.

The site now uses an external ad server and the ads are not served from the TGN server any longer. The OpenX ad server is a real resource hog and given that WordPress is a real resource hog it wasn’t a good combination.

I’ve moved some local hobby sites from the TGN server and put them on their own shared server elsewhere.

You shouldn’t see any changes to the site but it should hopefully be more stable and load quicker.

  • Thraug

    I can now see images in Firefix, where beofre I had to view this site in IE to see images. No idea why.

    • Zac

      Really? How odd. Wonder what the issue was?

    • Rich_B

      That’s odd… I only ever use Firefox or Safari to view it and haven’t encountered any issues.

    • Osbad

      Do you have an ad-blocking add-on activated in Firefox? If so you may have inadvertently blocked the server Zac used to host the images? Possibly.

  • Quirkworthy

    I’d second Rich B’s comment. Always use Firefox and never had a problem with images on TGN. Call the code monkey. They’d know :o)

  • Nicolay

    Yes, much quicker now. Thanks for that!