Solway release update

Solway Crafts and Miniatures have posted an update on several of the projects they are working on.

From their website:

Severn Valley Campaign booklet looks like it will be Exeter or Falkirk show for release followed shortly after by The West Country Campaign. The second Flags book will slot in with the release of the new flags but exactly when im not sure at the mo.The Scottish Campaigns looks like being with the Back of Beyond title and possibly the ecw battle of Worcester 1651 being released at Claymore. The AFV booklet is running late- still probs accessing some of the models- long story . so probably autumn release.

The big project for late in the year is the first of the ‘Ospreyesque’ style guides, this one on the Anglican League- which Pete/Panzerkaput is doing the artwork for, you’ve had a taster if you’ve seen his stuff on GWP- this is going to be good. Hopefully before then ill also get time to do my bit of the stuff for the propossed ROF supplement so all in all quite a bit happening on the publishing front

In between I will be trying to paint figures, build trains and houses- hopefully some for myself.