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Sol'una Tactical RPG/Minis Game up on Kickstarter

Sol'una has launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund their new sci-fi, tactical RPG and miniatures skirmish game.



From the campaign:

After re-sourcing production and distribution to North America (shipping included in pledge for USA backers), Sol'una Tactical Role Play is now launching its Kickstarter project! Sol'una is a science-fiction tabletop wargame and RPG combat system accompanied by a range of 32mm miniatures.

Featuring resource management, simultaneous activation and a unique combat/task system (including special power up attacks), players select, customise and pit their forces against each other for domination of the Myriad Empires.

Our target goal, $20,000AUD (approx. 17,600USD) funds the printing and artwork of the 200pp+ rulebook and eight high quality miniatures. Stretch goals will release multi-pose squad miniatures.