Sol’una releases their first miniature

By Polar_Bear
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May 2nd, 2012

Sol’una, a tactical RPG, is starting to come out with their own models and here’s the first one! … well… not here. We’d show it to you, but kids could be watching.

Sol’una, a space opera tactical RPG, has released its first character miniature: Sol, leader of the Sol faction. Scultped by Benjamin Zerbib, Sol captures the natural flowing Art Nouveau style that is readily seen in any Alphonse Mucha print.

Cast in two parts by Eureka Miniatures (chair, body) in the fine 32mm scale Sol adds a fashionable elegance to science fiction, fantasy, and futuristic pulp genres.

Luna, a stylistic Art Deco counterpoint, will be Sol’una’s second release.

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  • jahatch28

    Uhm… maybe I’m not understanding the art deco style, but I’m not the last bit excited by this sculpt. There also is not enough on their website to entice me to keep looking for more… I don’t know if it is the paint job, the strange pose (on a chair?), the strangely gratuitous and yet un-provocative bare chest… not my cup of tea at this point. – Josh

  • Cherno

    While I think the chair would be ok for a leader type of character, the paintjob isn’t what I would use for a promotional shot, especialy the eyes. It would pay… well, pay for a studio painter who knows his or her stuff and can really bring a miniature to shine.

    Also, the bare chest is indeed just unneccessary. Either you have an obvious case of fan service or not, but having a woman with a long flowing cloak and bare chests seems strange.