Sol’una posts up First Wave Teaser

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 6th, 2013

Sol’una is showing off concepts of the first couple characters for their upcoming minis skirmish game based on their Sol’una RPG game.

From the preview:

The Sol and Luna starter faction characters have been concept and render completed. This is a big milestone for Sol’una and it gives us the opportunity to show you the style and themes of what Sol’una is about.

Quick Start Rules are available from the downloads page along with a pair of sample character sheets.

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  • Soulfinger

    Win for the Mucha-esque art style, although ‘what the game is about’ must include nursing infants on the battlefield, because that outfit isn’t functional for much else.

    • puster

      It might distrace the opponent for the crucial seconds her henchmen need to sneak around and smack them down – unless these are distracted, too…

      Looking forward to the minis they create out of these concepts…

  • Aksakal

    Fortunately then she doesn’t have to (and shield technology is all the rave). Our illustrious editor seemed to have a penchant for Sol. This guy has more in the way of armour and so does this one.