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Solitaire Rules for HOF Fire-Team Now Online from Barking Irons

Barking Irons has put out solo rules for playing HOF Fire Team. So even you reclusive shut-ins like myself can get in a game.

From the release:

Heya Folks!

Not always able to find an opponent or perhaps you fancy a co-operative battle? Well here's the solution, solitaire rules for's new wargame - HOF Fire Team.
Written by the game's author, Bob Minadeo, Singularis walks you through creating enemy teams, setting up the board, deployment, enemy actions and also includes rules for unforseen events.
For use with existing scenarios or simple stand up fights.

Also in the article you will find a 'behind the scenes' section where Bob goes into detail of how he went about creating the rules and his aims for solitaire play.