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Solitaire rules for Firefight 2.0 now at Barking Irons

Barking Irons Online now has solitaire rules for the Firefight 2.0 sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
Heya Folks, Today Barking Irons is proud to bring you 'Alone in the Streets', a rules variant for Alternative Armies' 28mm Sci-Fi urban skirmish ruleset, Firefight 2.0 'Alone in the Streets' was written by the games co-author, Bob Minadeo, and allows you to play Firefight 2.0 either solitaire or co-operatively against a non-player controlled force. The AI uses a standard deck of cards to control enemy actions and the responses have been designed in such a way as to allow you to play stand up fights as well as any of the published Firefight adventures. They also include a selection of optional random events which can help or hinder your efforts on the battleground. Keep The Flag Flying! Craig Andrews Editor Barking Irons