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Solid State War bundle available

Solid State WarDave Graffam Models have added a bundle of the PDFs for their Solid State War sci-fi air combat game to Wargame Vault. From their website:
Solid State War is an explosive tabletop game of aerial combat, set in the near future where the world has gone to war over dwindling natural resources. This game is easy to learn and plays quickly. Experience the thrill of firing upon your opponents and bombing important targets, knowing that the results on the dice could make or break your strategy. The combat dice and maneuvering tools contain everything you need to determine the effects of your actions, so there's no need to check charts and tables. Quick-reference sheets put all of the rules you need right at your fingertips. The jet record sheets help you keep track of your ammo, damage, and include all of the special rules for your optional equipment and devies. Everything about Solid State War is designed to make it fast, fun and easy to jump right into the action. This bundle includes everything you need to play — the rulebook, record sheets for both the Tigress and Interceptor jets, a variety of combat scenarios, a campaign for control of the Amazon, and all of the printable gaming pieces and dice you'll need. To assemble these components, all you'll need are a few sheets of cardstock to print on, scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.