SolarFlare Games Announces Robotech: Force of Arms

Looks like we’ve got even more Robotech games to talk about. In this case, it’s a new card game coming from SolarFlare Games called Robotech: Force of Arms. Take on the role of either the RDF or the attacking Zentraedi and battle for the control of the Earth.

From the announcement:

Take on the role of either the brave Robotech Defense Forces (RDF) or the warrior Zentraedi.

You and your opponent maneuver your warships and deploy your forces endeavoring to gain supremacy. With fearless heroes and commands, you can turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Will you defend the Earth as the valiant RDF? Or will you attempt to destroy the Earth, capture the SDF-1, and recover the secrets of Protoculture as the giant Zentraedi?

Players are trying to destroy their opponent’s ships while also successfully defending their own ships in this sector of space. Players take turns tactically moving ships around. Strategically placing their attack and defense fighter cards to defend their own ships and destroy those of their enemy and using their hero and command cards to win the day. The player with the most combined points in defended and successfully destroyed ships wins.