Soda Pop release delay and previews

Soda Pop Miniatures have a delay in one of their releases and a new look at one of their existing miniatures.

From their announcement:

Lots of news from Soda Pop Miniatures this week. First off, due to a couple production issues we had an unfortunate delay on our January release Kenobo, Monk of Gomandi. Thankfully they’ve been ironed out an we will start casting him soon. Thus we are excited to debut the greens for our fearsome monk. Forced into a life of piracy to ensure his exiled caste’s survival and expertly sculpted by, Alexandre “Aragorn” Marks, we think you’ll agree his sculpt is every bit as terrifying as his reputation. Kenobo is provided on a 40mm base and will be available for order soon.

We’ve also posted a teaser for our next model on our webpage and will be revealing more about her in the coming weeks. Last but certainly not least we just opened our own YouTube channel with a 360 degree rotation of Princess Malya. We plan on adding more 3D rotations to the channel over time so you can get a better sense of the dynamic poses our sculptors are doing for us. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, we are starting to run low on our art cards that are available with a purchase of Princess Malya, so if you want to get in on one of these cool little keepsakes be sure to get your Malya soon from the Soda Pop Store.