Soda Pop previews Relic Knight, Kisa

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Jun 22nd, 2011

Soda Pop Miniatures have posted a preview of their latest Relic Knight miniature – Kisa. She will be available to order from their online store next week.


  • Veritas

    Is it just me or are the surfaces on this model very flat looking?

    • Zac

      The photo has some contrast issues that are making the Mecha look really flat. The model and the background are almost the same tones and if you open the image up and look at a histograph the levels are quite unbalanced. If you mess with the exposure and contrast you can see quite a lot of detail in the head of the Mecha and the rest of the body.

  • kelmor

    I was playing around with one of these the other day I have to agree with Zac the picture does not do the model justice. I might hound the Soda Pop guys to post up a inked one or adjust the picture to show it off better. Its a awesome model!

  • papasmrf667

    Man all of this range has looked nice, will Relic Knights still be a game?

    • Zac

      I believe that the game is currently in beta testing.

  • kelmor

    Beta testing ended a little while back. We will have playable quickstart stuff at Gencon and PAX Prime!