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Soda Pop previews One Shot concept art

Soda Pop Miniatures have posted the concept art for their latest Relic Knights figure - One Shot. One Shot concept art From their announcement:
Formerly a gunnery sergeant on one of the Alliance’s massive Goliath Siege Walkers, Jessi Bancroft, was well respected among her crew for her unerring accuracy with the enormous mech’s weapon systems. Upon binding with her cypher, Fritz, and the discovery of her knight she was granted dispensation as a special operations agent. Adopting the moniker, One Shot, she acted as a unique target “sniper” for the UPA military. It was not long before she was approached by the security firm, Black Diamond. Their promise of wealth proved too irresistible to deny and at the conclusion of her term of service she immediately moved to their employ. The decision has proven lucrative for both her and Black Diamond; the Guild being more than willing to pay large sums to have their precious ships’ cargoes protected by a Relic Knight. One Shot and her cypher, Fritz, will be available to order in just a couple of weeks.