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Soda Pop posts Super Dungeon Explore update

Soda Pop Miniatures has posted an update for Super Dungeon Explore, saying how things are going since their Kickstarter.

Wyrm Claw Templar


From the update:

Hello! Hello! We have a ton of fun stuff to go through today.

First thing on the agenda is we are making a couple changes to the Boxed Game and the Blacksmith Items. Don't panic they're improvements!

The Royal Warden is becoming a part of the main boxed game. You were already getting him for free with the Always Super pledge so the ultimate impact is that this is an upgrade for the final retail release.
The Bag O' Slimes is getting rolled into the Dungeons of Crystalia Tile Pack. The price of this new single item will be $25, which is a $10 savings over getting them both individually.
The Bag O' Bones is getting rolled into the all new Von Drakk: Ghost House Tile Pack! This highly requested tile pack will feature 6 double-sided tiles featuring unique art and layouts themed to Von Drakk Manor and the Glauerdoom Moor region. This new single item will also be $25.