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Soda Pop Miniatures updates Super Dungeon Explore progress

Soda Pop Miniatures checks in once again to let us know how things are coming along with their Forgotten King progress since their Kickstarter.


From the post:

We now know with 100% certainty that we will miss December for the core box. Boo…
So what has changed in the last two weeks since we said we were hoping we could get the core box done by December.

In a word—dice.

Oh yes, pesky, lovely, rolly dice. This week, as we continued manufacturing and layout of core box components, we came to the determination that the existing silicon molds for the dice could not produce the consistent quality we needed for the box set. Which, unfortunately means we need to make new molds.

Not just any molds either. New metal machined molds of epic, precision diceness to make sure the entire production run of dice meets standard. (And, so that we never run into this again.) The downside of these new and epic metal dice molds….4-5 weeks to manufacture. Blerg.