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Soda Pop miniatures updates about the progress of Relic Knights

Soda Pop has updated their Kickstarter page with information about the progress of Relic Knights. It's coming guys, I promise.

From the update:
Lots of stuff after the cut, by the way.
Its been a couple weeks since our last update so we thought we'd make this one a little different from our last few, that were all focused on new models, with a galaxy-sized production update!

Suffice it to say your extraordinary support has allowed us to expand the scope of Relic Knights far beyond what we had originally planned and we have been working a fever pace to bring the whole thing to life.

Relic Knights' six factions, plus Prismatic "mercs" now muster 70 units in the book alone. Add in the Darkspace variant characters and SDE units and we have over 80 units that will be battling for the fate of the galaxy (and your dungeons). Bringing the art and sculpts for a project of this scale to life has been unprecedented for Soda Pop and we have had over two dozen artists and sculptors slaving away to get everything produced. All said and done they have created over 100 models, unique artworks, and new character bios for you to savor.

Even more, we're happy to say that all of the models have been delivered to our manufacturers. Now that the Chinese New Year has passed they have begun tooling and mold-making. We have been told that since there are so many models to be done this process will take roughly six weeks. Each model will go through mastering, cleaning, adjustments for casting, and ultimately approval before they're ready for mass production. We're sure you are every bit as excited as we are to see Relic Knights hit your game table so we will be providing you with status updates, as we receive them ourselves, on every step of the manufacturing process.

While, together, we all watch the gears of manufacturing churn, Soda Pop is still be hard at work preparing for launch as we design retail packaging, sell sheets, and other vital info to get Relic Knights into your hands and the hands of your friendly game store. Most important of all is the rulebook. This massive beast of a manuscript is currently in layout and it seems that we keep finding great things to add to it. It is shaping up to be a monster tome well in excess of 200 pages of rules, units, fiction, and art.

We've also made big changes to the unit cards, as you can see in the images below we've brought the armor attribute to the front of the card, giving this often used stat the ease of reference it deserves. During the public beta we received tons of excellent feedback from you, the community, and we listened. One of the most often requested changes was the creation of keywords for most of the abilities so that we can streamline the cards and standardize their wording. Another often requested feature was some modification for color-blind players, it's hard to see on the low-res versions, but we have added a little positional key on each of the colored esper cost icons allowing you to recognize the type of esper based on the location of the key.

Last up, the manga featuring our favorite princess, Princess Malya is speeding along and looking fabulous.