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Soda Pop Miniatures releases new Relic Knight models

Soda Pop Miniatures releases new miniatures for Relic Knights.

From the announcement:

The Noh Berserker
Sculpted by Jason Hendricks. This blister includes a complete model for the Noh minion, Noh Berserker (2).

The Noh Berserker is a 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal and resin cast miniature. A 50mm premium round base is included. Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required. Nozuki is an active deity. Not content guide his followers from afar his will is ever present in the minds of the Noh race. In many ways the Noh’s strict martial discipline is to counter the Hydra God’s influence. To succumb fully to Nozuki’s demands drives a Noh warrior into a feral frenzy of hatred, battle lust, and spite.

These are the Noh Berserkers, called “Kyoujin” or "The Unchained" in the Noh’s own tongue. Imprisoned separately so they do not kill one another; they slumber through feverish nightmares within the bowels of the dragon fleets waiting to be awakened. Waiting to be unleashed. The Noh’s favored method of deploying berserkers is to open a small dimensional rift inside the defensive perimeter, allowing the berserkers to spill into the very heart of the enemy. The effect is catastrophic. Shrieks of terror mingle with roaring battle cries heralding the Noh charge. To the Noh, there is no sweeter symphony

Delphyne & Ekhis

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This blister includes a complete model for the Doctrine questing knight, Delphyne and her cypher, Ekhis. Delphyne & Ekhis are 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal and resin cast miniatures. The kit includes a 50mm and a 30mm premium round base. Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Given the natural tendency for those with cyphers to be drawn into combat one may consider it cruel that Delphyne, a girl of barely eight cycles, would be burdened with such a "gift". Yet it is undeniable that her cypher, Ekhis has taken her safety into account with his physical manifestation. The massive cypher has proven himself more than capable of acting as Delphyne's protector countless times. In fact, with the child initiate’s sorceries augmenting Ekhis's already formidable combat prowess there are few who could hope to stand in their way. Under Kisa and Fiametta's potent tutelage Delphyne's power continues growing at a tremendous pace. Soon the child may prove a match for even a Relic Knight.