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Soda Pop Miniatures posts SDE expansion preview

Soda Pop Miniatures previews a new part of the Super Dungeon Explore expansion they've got coming out soon, as well as answers a few questions about the release.

From the update:

Caverns of Roxor: the Tidbits!

So, some questions have been raised, exactly how we are treating our level releases... do you have to get everything etc to enjoy it?
Short answer: No.

The scheduled level release is broken out in to two small waves:

Wave 1) Caverns of Roxor Box - This box is where you get ROXOR the new level boss, a new mini boss, (3) new heroes, new item cards and loot, as well as a full (3) summoning stones worth of all the new models for the release... so, a full Rocktop Gang (2 summoning markers) and a Fireflow Denizens mob (1, summoning stones worth) - this is for the collector who wants everything!

Wave 2) Boosts! - These mob boxes allow you to add on to your collection, allowing you to theme-out your new dungeon.

The Rocktop Gang, adds a further (2) summoning stones worth of Rocktop minions to your collection, allowing you to fill your dungeon with these pesky critters - as well as all the cards and a unique magic item for your loot pile.

The Fireflow Denizens, adds a further (1) summoning stones worth of Fireflow minions to your collection, a savvy player will quickly see the opportunities to really start mixing up your game strategies with so many new monsters to add into your dungeon... I will be doing an ALL FIREFLOW DENIZENS dungeon, simply because I luvvvvvv flaming gels! (*it wouldn't be cool if we weren't also super nerdy for our own stuff right>?)

*SPECIAL --> each level release will also have a special collectible anti-hero for your games of Super Dungeon Explore. This wave introduces the Herald of Vulcanis, a powerful champion of Vulcanis' army, who is played like a mini boss in your games of SDE, but has the look and feel of a proper hero.

All pieces will be sold fully assembled, with our super awesome hard plastic, and great details to work on for all you hobbyists!

Share this around - we are happy for all the support we can get in the run up to launch.