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Soda Pop Miniatures Posts New Details about Super Dungeon Legends

Soda Pop Miniatures is gearing up for their next Kickstarter campaign which will be Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition. Along with the new base game, they're also coming out with Super Dungeon Legends, which is a new way to play the game. Already, characters gain new equipment as they make their way through the dungeon on their way to beat the boss. Now, the RPG elements are brought even further with new powers and between-game upgrades.

Super Dungeon Legends can be used with both the Classic and Arcade modes for SDE, though it does work slightly differently between the two. Arcade will have characters go on pre-made scenarios for the dungeon, each one setting up the next in a continuous narrative. Classic mode is where Legends will really allow players to get the full range of customization.

Super Dungeon Legends will come in three books. There's the Hero Handbook which will (obviously) give you all the resources you need to play your heroes and upgrade them between sessions. The Consol's Grimoire gives you the tools to create your own scenarios and upgrade monsters. Finally, the Explorer's Guide gives you detailed information about all things Crystalia, from history to geography to biology.