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Soda Pop Miniatures Launches Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter

It's time to embrace your inner chibi by possibly embracing some outer chibis. Soda Pop Miniatures has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Super Dungeon Explore: Legends. Though the Legends part is just one of the things they're looking to fund with this Kickstarter campaign. There's a bit going on, so let's delve a little deeper.

First off, they're looking to create Super Dungeon Explore 2nd Edition. We got a lot of this in Forgotten King already, but now they're looking to have an original core set with the updated rules and mechanics. Then there's the Midnight Tower, Frostbyte Ravagers, and Crown Guard expansions. Quite a lot going on already. But the real big thing with the Kickstarter is Super Dungeon Legends. This really turns the adventure board game into an RPG experience. There's three handbooks to help you run your characters and for the Consul player to run the world and the monsters.

Really take your Super Dungeon campaign to the next level.

The campaign just launched and is already over their funding goal. So it's onward through stretch goals for the next 21 days.