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Soda Pop Miniatures has the 2nd print run of Super Dungeon Explore for pre-order

Soda Pop Miniatures announces the 2nd print run of Super Dungeon Explore is available for pre-order on their website.

From their site:


The 2nd print-run of Super Dungeon Explore now available for pre-order!

Miss out on getting your hands on the first wave of Super Dungeon Explore? Soda Pop Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for the new batch of games.

With improved components, updated rules, a bits baggie of commonly lost components, and detailed assembly instructions for your miniatures, we continue to try and bring you the best products we can. Get yours on pre-order today!

Also available, Candy & Cola, a fully playable hero for your games of Super Dungeon Explore. Only available online here.

So, get ready for adventure! This summer has new releases in store for Super Dungeon Explore! There is a rumbling underfoot, and soon new heroes will be called into the fight.