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Soda Pop Miniatures announces The Caverns of Roxor Dungeon Build Challenge

Soda Pop Miniatures is running a contest over on their forums to come up with new dungeon tiles for Caverns of Roxor.

The Challenge:
To build a minimum of two 3D dungeon tiles themed to fit the expansion, Caverns of Roxor.


You have until 11:59pm PST on October 31st to post pictures of your tiles in the, Caverns of Roxor Dungeon Build Entries thread to enter the challenge.
You are responsible for posting your own pictures into the Entries thread. If you are having trouble doing so, contact SPM_Deke, or a moderator through PM.
You may submit a maximum of 5 photos that must be contained within a single post. Excess posts or pictures will be deleted.
Entries must be created solely for this challenge. No previously built dungeon tiles may be entered. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification.
Entries must be complete and fully painted.
Entries must be fully game playable i.e. they must have 12" x 12" of playable space with identifiable grids.
Designs may use existing Super Dungeon Explore tile layouts or may feature completely unique layouts.