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Soda Pop Announces Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter

Soda Pop has been showing off previews for their upcoming Ninja All-Stars game. Well, now they're ready to announce the Kickstarter campaign. The campaign will start sometime in March and go into April.


From the announcement:

Happy National Ninja Day! Ninja Division Publishing LLC and Soda Pop Miniatures LLC announces their global Kickstarter campaign to introduce Ninja All-Stars, a new addition to Ninja Division’s lineup of great games. Ninja All-Stars continues in Ninja Division Publishing’s tradition of world class miniatures and great family games.

Ninja All-Stars is a feature rich miniatures based board game exploring the mystical ninja island of Kagejima. In order to maintain peace in this magical land, the Moon Princess holds the Tournament of the Moon to draw together the bickering clans of Kagejima to compete for honor and glory using their elemental energies and mystical skills. Build teams of ninja from six unique clans, each with their own powers and abilities. Hire famous heroes and wandering warriors to join your clan to compete in spirited challenges. Gain experience and learn new skills to make your ninja even more dangerous for the games to come.

Ninja All-Stars features a unique elemental battle dice system, character progression, multiplayer challenges, single game and league play, and an amazing collection of high quality miniatures to represent your ninja in the game.

Ninja Division Publishing LLC and Soda Pop Miniatures LLC are bringing Ninja All-Stars to Kickstarter, this March through April, in order to engage our customers with our best proposal. Our goal is to fund not only the game, but expanded content featuring the many colorful characters, clans, and components we hope to bring to the product range, providing fans and collectors a larger world to explore and amazing rewards to enhance the starting community for Ninja All-Stars at launch.

Ninja Division is excited to add Ninja All-Stars to its powerful lineup of amazing games and products from studio Soda Pop Miniatures makers of Super Dungeon: Explore, Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity, and Takoashi University.