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Soccer City Strategy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Soccer (or Football, to the vast majority of the world) is the world's most popular sport. It's easy to see why. Basically, just about anyone can play and it requires nothing more than some open space and a ball. I know I played many seasons as a kid. Well, now you can bring the action of the pitch to your tabletop with Soccer City.

Originally released in Spain, Soccer City has proven rather popular. This new edition translates the game into English, as well as incorporates some fixes and clarifications that'd popped up during the initial release. Turns progress using different cards to imitate the action that takes place during the game (passing, shooting, etc). I'm also a fan of the "old timey" artwork they used for the cards.

The campaign is just a little less than half-funded, but they have 26 days left to go.