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SoCalWarhammer Radio 2011 Kick-Off Painting Contest

Southern California Warhammer Radio is sponsoring the 2011 Kick-Off Painting Contest. From their announcement:
Beginning on January 1st, Southern California Warhammer Radio will be sponsoring the 2011 Kick-off Painting contest. The winner will receive $100 in prizes. The rules are as follows: 1. Use either Warlord Games or Wargames Factory Plastic models which represent an Ancient Army (Rome, Celt, German, Dacian, Numidian or British). 2. Build/assemble the unit (all models included in the box) and photograph it prior to painting. 3. Paint the entire unit and photograph it. Send both the pre and post painting pictures to The top three units will be selected and the winner will receive $100 worth of models (either Warlord Games or Wargames Factory, depending on what was submitted). Second and third place prizes to be announced. So, you have a month...Get your pictures submitted no later than 01/31/2011.