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Snowtroopers Expansion Now Available For Star Wars: Legion

The Empire, with its great military machine, is prepared for any environment. They equip their troops with the best gear so that they can go in and root out whatever Rebels might be lurking about. In cold temperatures, the Snowtroopers hit the field in their padded, heated suits. Now, they can do the same for you on the Star Wars: Legion tabletops.

From the announcement:

In its quest for galactic domination, the Empire will inevitably encounter planets with less than ideal conditions. When a mere threat isn’t enough, specialized troops are needed to bring these planets to heel. Imperial troops ready for any conditions are now ready to join your Star Wars™: Legion army.

The Snowtroopers Unit Expansion is now available, and you can add new recruits to your army and unlock new strategies in the battle for the Star Wars galaxy today!